Bus Schedule  Karmøygeddon Metal Express

We'll bring you safe and sound from the hotels in Haugesund to the festival area and back at night with Karmøygeddon Metal Express  
Bus tickets can be purchased through Ticketco only. Information will follow below:
Ticket prices:  
Day:      75 NOK        
Night:  100 NOK
This is the bus schedules during the festival.

From the Festival to Haugesund

(Bus stop just outside venue)

From Haugesund to Festival

(See MAP below for stops) to Kopervik

Saturday May 2nd: 

11.45 Haugesund – Kopervik – 1 bus

14.40 Haugesund – Kopervik – 1 bus


Night bus to Haugesund (May 3rd)

01.00 Kopervik – Haugesund   

02.15 Kopervik – Haugesund 

Thursday April 30th: 

14.30 Haugesund – Kopervik

Night bus to Haugesund (May 1st)

01.15  Kopervik – Haugesund 

Friday May 1st: 

11.45 Haugesund – Kopervik 

14.40 Haugesund – Kopervik 


Night bus to Haugesund (May 2nd)

01.00 Kopervik – Haugesund 
02.15 Kopervik – Haugesund

02.15 Kopervik – Haugesund 

Explanation to map:


1. First bus stop is Haugesund Bus Station (Flotmyr)

2. Second bus stop is Scandic Hotel Haugesund

3. Clarion Collection Hotell Banken and Hotell Amanda (bus stops outside Egon Restaurant

4. Scandic Maritime Hotell


For those of you staying at Thon Hotel Saga, please come to stop 3 or 4.


For those of you staying at Hotel Neptun, please come to stop 2.


For those of you staying at Radisson Blu Hotell, please wait at bus stop outside hotel approx. 10 min after start departure time. 


For those of you staying at Park Inn Radisson Haugesund Airport (actually located on Karmøy), please wait at bus stop outside hotel approx. 15 min after start departure time. 



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