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The Karmøygeggon Metal Festival is an annual festival, located in Kopervik at the island of Karmøy, situated on the west coast of Norway.


The festival is usually in the end of April/ start of May; from Thursday throughout Saturday. Karmøygeddon Metal Festival aims to serve a variety of metal bands within the metal genre, from classic heavy metal to True Norwegian Black Metal. Bands like SepticFlesh, Sabaton, Helloween, Brainstorm, Kamelot, Behemoth, Katatonia and Finntroll have been performing at the festival. Even though booking great band names attract more audience, the festival management is striving to let Karmøygeddon Metal Festival maintain the intimate and friendly atmosphere, which it is widely known for. The festival management is also determined on booking smaller, up and coming bands, to encourage both young and more experienced musicians and help introducing them onto the metal scene.

About 4,000 people are visiting the festival every year. The festival venue has two stages; one smaller club-stage and one outdoor tent stage. For accommodations, there are several hotels in bus/car- distance from the venue, a camper van camp about 200 meters away.



The Karmøygeddon Metal Festival was established in 2004 in the small town Kopervik at Karmøy.

Two old pals, Johnny Angelund and Harald Magne Revheim, who merely wanted to gather friends and likeminded to have a few beers and listen to live music in their hometown, started the festival.

It began as an outdoor one-day festival with both local- and bands hailing from other parts of Norway; like Thunderbolt, Thundra, Mind Crime, Heat Seekers, Pagan’s Mind and Jørn Lande. The following year, they extended the festival with a day, and had bands playing both Friday and Saturday. They even booked their first foreign band: Mercenary (SE).

In 2006, the festival management decided to move the festival to a larger indoor venue in Haugesund, located 20 minutes from Kopervik. Slowly, but steady, Karmøygeddon began to establish a good reputation in both the Norwegian- and international metal scene, which of course attracted both audience and bands from afar.

In 2014, the festival management decided it was time for a change, and moved the festival back to the roots: Kopervik. The new venue enabled to double the amount audience, but still keeping the intimate, friendly atmosphere. Also, a camper van camp was established nearby the festival area.

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