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Alternative accommodation and activities

We’ve already listed a whole bunch of lovely hotels for you to stay at during KARMØYGEDDON 2018. See the “Travel-Info” section here on our website! However, if you want to combine your trip to Karmøygeddon with some sightseeing or, plain and simple, try something different, here’s a list of some awesome places to get your sightseeing and beauty sleep on in between battles.

Skudeneshavn is only a 30 minute bus ride south of Kopervik. The fare is NOK 35,- and the bus stops 4m away from the festival. The old fishing town, also known as "The White Lady of Empire", is situated on the southern tip of Karmøy and is known for its beautiful white houses. In addition to a gorgeous setting the town can also offer you some sweet places to stay. Check out the provided links below!

Kopervik, Karmøygeddon's host and capitol of Karmøy, can also provide some nice digs for you to retreat to whenever necessary.

Make sure to grab a solid metal breakfast at BP'en pub or hit the shops for a nice in between gig activity. Check out the provided links below for places to stay!


Keep in mind that there are also a lot of Airbnb's available on the island. However, you want to make sure that it's within good proximity of public transport, or maybe have a car available if it's not within walking distance of the festival. For bus times check out Kolumbus's day routes and night buses, the 10 and N88 routes to be exact!


Last but not least, Karmøy has got a lot of historic places that definitely would be worth a visit. If you're staying an extra couple of days, or have some time to kill, we recommend you check out the following;

PS! All the information you need should be in the provided links, however, be sure to check with the museums for private showings outside seasonal opening hours!

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