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Meet the Regulars #6

Name: Jan Vinningland

Age: 30 From: Kvinesdal(Lives in Stavanger) When I'm not headbanging at Karmøygeddon, I'm studying Graphic Design,selling beer,and play guitar in my band Sublime Eyes. 1. When was the first time you visited Karmøygeddon and how many times have you participated ever since?: My first time was back in 2009 when the festival was still in Haugesund. Me and and couple of friends travelled to see Dark Tranquillity and Mercenary. We just fell in love with the festival there and then. 7 times now and counting. I actually played there in 2012 with my band. Hope to play there again sometime. Hint hint. 2. Describe what Karmøygeddon is to you: Karmøygeddon is my favorite norwegian metal festival,so I try to go every year. I have even gone when the lineup wasn’t really my kind of thing,just because of all the people and atmosphere. Its like an big happy family reunion of metalheads. One of the best weekends of the year! 3. What is your best Karmøygeddon memory?: Shiit….. Theres so many. Hard to choose just one. 4. What is your favourite metal genre and why?: If the music got some good guitars in it I will probably like it no matter what kind of metal it is. Buuuuut….If i have to choose,it has to be MELODIC DEATH METAL. Heavy and melodic. Thats my cup of tea! 5. What would be the ultimate band to play at Karmøygeddon - yes, you can pick ANY band you like, both split/dead/non-existing/existing! Another hard question. I have already seen so many of my favorite bands at «Geddon» over the years, but Pantera during their Cowboys from hell cycle would have been LEGEN-waitforit-DARY! Last but not least. I just want to express my gratitude towards Johnny,Arild and the rest of the awesome people that puts on this magical festival year after year! You´re the best!

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