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Band Merch Secondhand Market

Have you ever been to a concert with a band you though were awesome at the time, gone home with a brand new band shirt over your old one, and when you sobered up the next day thought to yourself "Mehhh, nope, never gonna use that band shirt again!".

Well, we have for sure. Our drawers are full of awesome, well worn band merch. But some shirts and hoodies just doesn't get the attention they deserve (or they just doesn't fit anymore...).

We thought it would be great if somebody else would actually use them, so why not donate them for a good cause? Not to mention envoiranmental benefits of recycling!

We are hosting a Band Merch Secondhand Market during the festival. You'll get the chance to donate your old shirts AND maybe find some rarities on a budget.

We will donate the money to charity.

We kindly ask you to donate your shirts (t-shirts/hoodies/long-sleeves etc) clean. The merch can be handed in at the Karmøygeddon Kick Off Saturday 28th of May, or at the merch area at the festival.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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