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Meet the Regulars #5

Karl Inge is one heck of a steady Regular. Not only is he attending Karmøygeddon Metal Festival annualy, but he is also a common sight on most Karmøygeddon club concerts throughout the year - which is really awesome! Make sure to check out his blog, were he has some really good reviews of the previous festivals (Norwegian only).

Name: Karl Inge Stumo

Age: 41 From: Karmøy

When I`m not headbanging at Karmøygeddon I work as an engineer as well as having my own company running websites

1. When was the first time you visited Karmøygeddon and how many times have you participated ever since?

First time must have been 2004 or 2005- I didnt start participate annually until 2008-2009 I think, from 2012 I`ve been attending all 3 days.

2. Describe what Karmøygeddon is to you:

Karmøygeddon is for me an absolutely must-go, its something I start looking forward to from the Sunday...well Monday after every years festival. Its the whole package that makes it so special-its local, there´s great music and the athmosphere is unbelievable. It´s tempting to say its the company that makes it so special, but without the excellent work the crew put in to every part of the festival it wouldnt be so freaking awesome.

3. What is your best Karmøygeddon memory?

I couldn´t possibly pick just one....there´s so many...the freshest is always close to the heart, like Satyricon and Septic Flesh at this years festival...Kreator (2014) was awesome, the Saturday 2016 with Sodom, Samael and Helloween but still-for me its hard to top the 2013 lineup with Overkill, Djerv and Sabaton.

4. What is your favourite metal genre and why?

I`ve never been ashamed of the fact that my favourite metal is simple, straight forward metal- and I don´t mind it if they`re a bit angry as well....heavy, trash and power are my preferred genres with KG visitors like Helloween, Kreator and Sabaton being among the favourites in those genres.

5. What would be the ultimate band to play at Karmøygeddon - yes, you can pick ANY band you like, both split/dead/non-existing/existing!

Finally an easy question- I`ve been a Judas Priest fan for 30 years and seeing them at KG would be....well lets just say I would be a very happy metalhead! They`re still in business, so Johnny...?

6. What band(s) do you look forward seeing at next year's festival?

There´s a lot of bands I don´t know that well, but I`m really looking forward to Primordial! Primordial I have seen before and hope they put up the same kickass show they did last time they visited KG!

See you there!

Photo: Hege Vihovde Håstø

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