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Meet the Regulars #7

Name: Kjell-Ivar

Age: 41 From: Froland When I'm not headbanging at Karmøygeddon, I'm playing bass in Legacy of Emptiness, fishing, petting my cat and/or making plans for intergalactic travels. 1. When was the first time you visited Karmøygeddon and how many times have you participated ever since?: I was a bit late to the party so 2012 was my first visit and 2018 was my fourth. Seeing how next year's lineup is turning out there have to be some exeptional events happening to keep 2019 from being my fifth. 2. Describe what Karmøygeddon is to you:

First of all, the lineup always include several bands to my taste but what makes 'Geddon stand out is the people and the smooth organising of everything.I have more than 20 years behind me as a festival goer to both big and small festivals and they all have different atmospheres. But to me, Karmøygeddon feels more like a gathering of friends and family compared to most of the other commercial juggernauts out there. To keep that atmosphere and still deliver top tier international lineups year after year is unique! 3. What is your best Karmøygeddon memory?: Some of my best concert experiences has been on Karmøygeddon so there is quite a few memories to pick from. One of the strongest for me was Dark Tranquillity last year. They caught me at the perfect moment. I was in a very dark place after one of the heaviest thursday nights in the human history, haha. I was freezing and shaking so much that I had to hold my beer with both hands and use all my focus to not run for cover and curl up in a corner. Then DT came on stage with the perfect sound, the perfect setlist and all the pieces fell into place. It turned into an almost religious experience for me. I'm actually getting goosebumps just by writing about it now more than a year later. Good times! 4. What is your favourite metal genre and why?: Impossible to answer! I don't think I have a favourite genre. I usually sort music by "good" or "bad", but if you put a gun to my head my answer have to be good old heavy metal because the world wouldn't be the same without Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister. At least my world, that is, haha. 5. What would be the ultimate band to play at Karmøygeddon - yes, you can pick ANY band you like, both split/dead/non-existing/existing!

King Diamond! Or Devin Townsend with Anneke! Or Ayreon! Or maybe Summoning? Another impossible question, gah!

6. What band(s) do you look forward seeing at next year's festival?

Morgana Lefay without a doubt! This will be my fifth encounter with them so I hope there's made a clause in the contract that they have to play "To Isengard" this time. Are you reading this, Tony?

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