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Meet the regulars #2

Next up in our Meet the Regulars-series, we get to meet one of the friendliest and most petite bikers you´ll ever come across: Marit!

Here's what she had to say to our silly questions:

Name: Marit

Age: 31

From: Haugesund, Norway

When I'm not headbanging at Karmøygeddon... I'm a part time student and a stay-at-home mom, trying to raise the next generation of rockers and metallers.

1. When was the first time you visited Karmøygeddon and how many times have you participated ever since?

I think I’ve missed out on 3 Karmøygeddon festivals in total. The very first one (in 2004 I think), and then while living abroad for a good few years, not being able to go back home for it. Think it was in 2008 and 2009. Two miserable years it was! Hehe

2. Describe what Karmøygeddon is to you: Karmøygeddon means the world to me! It’s fucking quality of life. It’s something to look forward to every year, and the countdown always begins the day after the festival ends that current year. Karmøygeddon is like a big happy family, and it feels like I’m “going home” each year when the festival kicks off. Karmøygeddon is almost like its own category of pure happiness!

3. What is your best Karmøygeddon memory? Way too many memories to pick from. Probably a whole lot of memories forgotten as well… However. Musically, If I have to pick one; Vader. The Vader gig at Byscenen in 2012 goes down in history as one of my all-time fav gigs. Think I just stood there with my mouth open the entire gig, and it felt like being slapped in the face over and over again, and I was LOVING it. Haha! Another memory that comes to mind was the 2010 festival. I was living in Dublin, and that stupid volcano in Iceland decided to break out. To make a long story short, I basically managed to get a bus from Dublin to London, and then from the east coast of Norway to Haugesund. The whole trip took about 38 long exhausting hours – but I managed to get there in time. It was absolutely worth it! I think there was only one band that cancelled that year. All the other bands managed to defy that evil volcano to play at Karmøygeddon. Goes to show what a great reputation Karmøygeddon has, not only for the audience, but also for all the bands that comes to play. It’s just amazeballs.

4. What is your favourite metal genre and why? Don’t think I have a favourite metal genre – however, it all starts with the classic heavy metal. Suppose black and doom stands out at times, but I’m also enjoying a more progressive and avant-garde style. Depends on the mood I guess. In the end, it’s really just all about the Rock’n’Roll!

5. What would be the ultimate band to play at Karmøygeddon - yes, you can pick ANY band you like, both split/dead/non-existing/existing! Without a single doubt; KING DIAMOND

6. What band(s) do you look forward seeing at next year's festival? Allfader, Slegest, My Dying Bride, Axel Rudi Pell, Skid Row and the mighty Primordial is a must-see to me. So many great bookings (yet again) next year though. It’ll be a busy one I’m sure.


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