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Meet the Regulars #4

Ok. So, if you´re EVER casting for a viking movie, this is the guy you want as the Viking king. He´s one of the most majestic giants to walk the face of the earth - and one of the friendliest too. Meet our very own André!

Name: André Dem Gesjé Age: 36 From: Norge When I'm not headbanging at Karmøygeddon, I'm out having a drinks and remembering all the joy with all the metal friends at ´Geddon and looking forward to the next one. 🤘🤣 1. When was the first time you visited Karmøygeddon and how many times have you participated ever since? My first time was in 2012 and I've been there since. Should have been there in 2011 when Carach Angren played tho... Next Geddon I will join as a voluntary worker at the festival, so that is going to be new to me. 2. Describe what Karmøygeddon is to you: It's the best holly day weekend every year. There is so much love and friendlyness from the crew, bands and all the good peoples visiting 🤘 3. What is your best Karmøygeddon memory? All of it of course.🤣 But one of the best ones must be the time in the bar when I met the other guy getting a beer, we both got our beers. And then there is the time when I met up with Leif at the concert. That was a blast! 4. What is your favourite metal genre and why? I'm a big guy, I can handle real stuff like Black Metal. 5. What would be the ultimate band to play at Karmøygeddon - yes, you can pick ANY band you like, both split/dead/non-existing/existing! I've pretty much got them by now. But I would like to see Darkthrone, though it might be more realistic to get Dimmu Borgir entering the stage at ´Geddon 🤘 6. What band(s) do you look forward seeing at next year's festival? Shaarimoth, Cor Scorpii, Nifelheim, Månegarm, Skalmold, Rotting Christ, Enslaved and probably the rest also. But since I'm going to be working next festival, I maybe have to pick out the few of the most important ones. I can't wait for it all to start again, the festival boat MS Sandnes is also an extra highlight.

Photo: Freimen

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